Lifelong Learning
Membership Platform


YourNextU – a lifelong learning member platform developed by SEAC – is where high quality learning is possible for everyone. YourNextU offers self-development courses online and skill development training so you can keep up with the constantly changing world and become a better you.


For only 12,000 Baht (excluding VAT) per person per year, you can choose what you want to learn with unlimited opportunities to increase your learning.

You can choose to learn as much as you want at anytime, anywhere, and with your preferred way of learning.

Upon course completion, learners receive a certificate from the internationally accredited program hosts, giving you the chance to further your studies or career path.

360-degree blended learning through the most effective learning platform – 4Line Learning by SEAC.


SEAC created and developed a proprietary and highly effective educational approach that encompasses four distinct aspects, named 4Line Learning. The 4Line Learning ecosystem helps SEAC meet the learning requirements of each individual, while stimulating the desire to learn and apply that learning to life and work in today’s ever-changing environment. As there is no one, true way of learning, SEAC has integrated 4Line Learning into YourNextU, which includes:


Learning activities/ interventions that will typically be done digitally through their computer or smartphone. Participants ‘flip the classroom’ by accessing lectures, articles, videos, e-learning on their own schedule, at their own rate through a digital learning platform.


A dynamic, participant-centered workshop environment replaces the typical ‘trainer centered’ classroom.


These are activities done collaboratively with other participants (in person or in OnLine social networks) and stakeholders to build community, support application, reflect on learning and practice. This helps support the vision of leveraging ‘The Wisdom of the Crowd’, i.e. that participants are responsible for their own and each other’s learning and success throughout the program. A solid community is built where no one is left behind. Blogs, Chat Groups, Mirrors, Communities of Practice, Co/Peer Coaching, Mentoring, Discussion blogs are a few of the many options here for connecting and growing beyond the workshop.


Participants apply their learning on the job in ways that make a difference for them and their team, as insight becomes impact. To support that, participants have access to job aides, toolkits, Mirrors, checkpoints, Social Learning ‘challenges’ and OnLine support to sustain the change as well as continuing to grow and change.


YourNextU offers a wide range of learning opportunities for you to transform yourself in this changing world. YourNextU offers:

  • Online Courses
  • Classroom Learning
  • Social Learning
  • Library of Learning Content
  • PLUS new programs added every month

The programs, courses and activities in YourNextU will help you gain:

  • Skills to help you be more effective today, and stay relevant tomorrow, with learning tracks that keep up with your goals and offer you greater flexibility.
  • Full Access to analytics that save time and deliver insights that matter, where everything from tracking and reporting your own progress is made easy with just a few clicks.
  • Tools to start your self-directed learning journey where your learning is personalized, self-paced and tracked for progress. Everything is integrated into our blended learning platform.


YourNextU provides you with a user-friendly experience and your learning journey summarized with these 4 easy steps:



Identify development areas of competencies to focus on



Choose what and when to learn, and easily register



Enjoy a personalized learning experience



Monitor learning progress and plan for future development


SEAC believes that any successful transformation is all about people. But the problem today is that the way we develop our people isn’t fast or effective enough to keep up in Southeast Asia.

  • Affordable, high quality development programs
  • Learn at your own pace, and with your own preferences
  • An evolving curriculum that provides updated skills for tomorrow’s workplace demands
  • Self-directed learning frees HR to focus on more strategic issues

SEAC has developed YourNextU to provide this ecosystem, so don’t wait any longer to reach your true learning potential and begin your journey to YourNextU.