We provide contextualized solutions to facilitate the development of organizational capabilities based on the rapidly evolving needs for innovation and for leadership with results-driven execution. In conjunction with world-renowned educational institutes and thought leaders, we bring internationally certified programs to Thailand and the ASEAN region and adapt them to the local business context of each organization. We offer a full range of programs that develop essential future capabilities here at our center, or at your company. They are all developed by top global educational and business institutes.


  • Leading in a Disruptive World (LDW): For Business Owners & Executive Leaders
    The LDW program prepares business leaders to become more innovative and agile in this age of disruption. SEAC offers the program in collaboration with the Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD). The program aims to develop the leaders’ mindsets to embrace risk and learn from failure while developing their leadership and innovation capability to cope with change in the business world. The executives learn from Stanford professors and innovation industry legends, and also attend field trips to America’s Silicon Valley, the home of the world’s leading tech companies.
  • Leading Innovation with Design Thinking: For Anyone Creating Something New
    This program, developed by SEAC with licensed content from the Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD), promotes a thinking process that primarily employs a human-centered methodology for creative problem solving. The program also seeks to find appropriate strategies to create advanced innovation, take real action, and deploy new skills. Participants will apply techniques and knowledge in practice to best meet user needs and solve valuable problems for them.
  • Outward Mindset: For Anyone Developing Themselves
    Outward Mindset from The Arbinger Institute is designed to help individuals anywhere in any relationship and of any age see the world through new eyes and create more satisfying relationships and better results. We now know that mindset drives behavior and behavior drives results. When people shift their mindset to see other people as people with their own needs and pressures, they see people differently, which results in behavioral changes. By changing mindset people understand that results can be achieved through collaboration that serves shared goals. Changing your mindset before trying to change your actions or behavior leads to breakthrough solutions by transforming conflict into collaboration that drives results and innovation.
  • The SLII Experience™ & Self Leadership: For Anyone Leading Others
    Featuring the most widely used leadership model in the world from The Ken Blanchard Companies, this program tackles managers’ most common problem - namely applying a ‘one size fits all’ leadership style to all team members. Because there is no such thing as the single best or fixed type of leadership, the SLII Experience™ trains managers to flex their leadership style to give their team members the appropriate direction and support according to their needs. The complementary Self-Leadership program empowers individuals with the mindset and skillset to lead themselves and be proactive in taking control of their performance and growth.